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Updated for Synergist 12.5

This section is accessed under the 'Time & expenses' heading in the left hand navigation panel:


If you are new to timesheet entry the table will initially appear empty, ready for you to add job phases to. The table will always appear with a summary at the bottom of your daily and weekly totals, weekly hours required, chargeable and non-chargeable weekly hours submitted:


Adding a job phase can be done one at a time from the 'Add job' button, which takes you through to select the job / phase / stage (if applicable) / charge code to add to the table:


The same job / phase / stage can be added for different charge codes, if needed.

Once you have the line(s) you require you can enter the hours worked along with any comments (pencil icon below the number of hours worked).


It's important to note that time is entered in decimal format. So quarter of an hour is 0.25, half is 0.5 and three quarters is 0.75 (eg one and a quarter hours would be input as 1.25).

Entries are saved automatically, periodically, but you can trigger an immediate save of your data without having to submit it by clicking the save button


If you navigate around pages within Synergist then data is automatically saved.

Once you are happy with your entries you can submit a day at a time via the button at the top of each column. You can also submit all entries currently displayed by clicking the submit all button.  Any unsubmitted time in previous weeks can be submitted via the submit all previous button.  Alternatively the actions button allows you to 'submit all' in the week or 'submit all previous (x)' if unposted timesheets exist in other weeks:

The actions button also allows you to remove any job phase that you have checked in the tick box.

If a job is allowed to be removed from your list, ie it has no current or pending data, then you can tick the box to the left of it and 'remove selected'. The tick box at the top of the column will tick all those available. You can also delete one at a time by using the 'x' button.

Each row also has a copy menu where you have options to remove the row, or copy the row but change the job, phase, or charge code. Click on the three dots within the row to open the menu. 


If you have no time submitted against a job in the week you can also choose to remove or hide it.  Removing means just that - if you need to add more time against this job in future it will have to be added in again.  Hiding is useful for jobs that you only need occasionally, but which you will need to use repeatedly, like holiday or other administrative jobs.  Hidden jobs can be restored very easily:



If you are not using timesheet approval you system buttons will say 'post' rather than 'submit'. Your timesheets will be posted directly onto the job phase.

If you are using timesheet approval, your timesheets will then be submitted into the approval process.


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