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Updated for Synergist 12.5

This section is accessed under the 'Time & expenses' heading in the left hand navigation panel:

If you are new to timesheet entry the form will initially appear empty, ready for you to add your timesheets to. The table will always appear with a summary at the bottom of your daily and weekly totals, weekly hours required, chargeable and non-chargeable weekly hours submitted:


To add time you need to click the 'New' button, which takes you through to select the job / phase / stage (if applicable):


Once these have been selected the form expands for you to enter the remaining required information:


It's important to note that time is entered in decimal format. So quarter of an hour is 0.25, half is 0.5 and three quarters is 0.75 (eg one and a quarter hours would be input as 1.25).

Once you have entered all the details you can 'add' from the bottom.

As soon as the time is added it is saved into your daily timesheets view. From here lines can be submitted individually or together using the 'submit all' button:


Before it is submitted, the time can be copied, or deleted:


If you are not using timesheet approval you system buttons will say 'post' rather than 'submit'. Your timesheets will then be posted directly onto the job phase.

If you are using timesheet approval, your timesheets will then go through the approval cycle.


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