v12.8 release overview

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Synergist v12.8 includes many of the bigger development tasks that were on the wish list. These include customisable listsbatch emailing of invoicesSingle Sign on and many other improvements. v12.8 makes Synergist both quicker and more convenient to use


Customised List Views

Create your preferred list views by choosing which columns are in your list and setting the orderdisplay width and any filters. This can all be stored as a single ‘View’.

List features now include:

  • Column auto resizing
  • Display Multiple Thermometers simultaneously
  • Enhanced Views (e.g. clients with no new jobs in last 12 months)
  • Remembering last location in a list when returning to it

One Click Calendar Bookings

  • The ability to create calendar bookings just by drawing them on the chosen time/day and then selecting the relevant details
  • Improved copy and paste of calendar bookings using clipboard functionality
  • Thermometers added to Calendar / Capacity Views to more clearly show loading
  • Improved Requisitions search
  • Charge Code and Hours added to Requisitions List
  • Colour Coding by Client now available in Calendar Bookings

Batch Emailing of Invoices

From the invoice list, users of the Office 365 mail system can now select multiple invoices for sending as a single batch.


Scheduling Dashboard

A new capacity chart to show bookings vs capacity with a split of chargeable vs non chargeable bookings and holidays.

This is broken down further showing a split by team. Then further showing individual team members.

Data shown:

  • Total Capacity
  • Booked Hours (chargeable / non-chargeable)
  • Holidays in Days
  • Remaining Capacity

Handler Targets

Handler Targets can now optionally be used in place of Client Targets. The targets can be entered in the File Maintenance area for all relevant staff.


Data Viewer Dashboard

  • Views created in the Data Viewer can now be added to a new Data Viewer Dashboard
  • Both Tables and Charts can be added
  • Multiple Charts can be added to create your own custom dashboard

Dashboard Improvements

  • You can now rearrange panels in dashboards and input forms
  • Display data viewer views in dashboards
  • Multiple options added to the Target and Orders dashboard which is now labeled Targets and Jobs
  • New Average Spend by Sector panel added to the Sales Dashboard

Mandatory MFA

Choice of ‘Optional’, ‘Remind User’ or ‘Mandatory’ when enabling Multi Factor Authentication for each user.


Microsoft Single Sign On

You no longer need to remember a username and password to access the Synergist browser interface, if you have a Microsoft 'Work' account.

Once you've authenticated your Microsoft 'Work' account, Synergist will just open without prompting for login details.


Gantt Chart Additions

  • Phases and stages can be added directly through the Gantt chart
  • Descriptions can now be edited directly in the Gantt
  • Access multi-job Gantt from job list, client card, project card
  • Move multiple items forwards or backwards simultaneously within the Gantt chart

More v12.8 features

  • @Mentions added to Job & Phase Comments and Synergist Documents
  • New Thermometer showing % of estimate used
  • Images can now be added to the Comments field of Jobs and Phases
  • Drag and drop sorting of 'Stages' in the 'Schedule' tab
  • New Daily Timesheet screen
  • Option to bypass timesheet approval for certain Teams
  • Enhanced payment term feature for Suppliers
  • Enhanced 'Create Email' popup
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