Estimate not appearing in the diary

Dave Harvey -


A phase marked as complete and subsequently uncompleted, contains estimate lines that no longer appear in the diary.


When a phase is marked complete, all estimate lines are also marked complete. When the phase is uncompleted (on the financial tab), estimates are not automatically uncompleted. It is necessary to open the individual estimate lines and remove the tick from the 'complete' box. Press 'OK' to save the phase and then refresh the lower diary screen - that estimate line will reappear.

Other notes:

Other reasons estimates do not appear in the diary:

  • The phase is not at 'live' status (still at 'quote');
  • Is the charge code set in file maintenance 'suppress from diary'?
  • Is the assigned staff resource a member of a team that doesn't display in the diary (team may be filtered in diary preferences)?
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