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The simplest way to create a new user is to copy an existing user with the same, or similar, interaction with Synergist. Alternatively you can create a new user from scratch in the same area as outlined below.

To navigate your way to the user table you need to access the Settings section in the top right and select File maintenance:


From here you can access the user table:


Once you are here you will see all your active users and you can decide which user to copy. Tick the box of the desired user, then via the action button select Copy:


Note: If you do not wish to copy an existing user but create a new user from scratch, simply select 'new' instead.

You will then be prompted to enter the unique details of your new user:


The new user record will then open where you can set the password and enter any other details, such as email address:


If your new user is to enter either timesheets and/or expenses then you will need to go to the setup tab, select the appropriate company and add expense account (for expenses) and/or staff record (for timesheets):



If you are creating the user from scratch instead of copying another user you will need to add the new user to a licensing group. Go to the Licensing groups tab > Add > Select the required license > Save and close. 

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