Synergist Connect: Exporting to Accounts

Dave Harvey -

Synergist Connect is solely for use on cloud sites that want to post to Sage 50 Direct Interface or Exchequer.

Your system will need a fully working Synergist Accounts link already setup.

The first step is to install the Synergist Connect client software, this is a piece of "middleware" designed to interface Synergist with the current accounts data. 

Step 1 : Download the Synergist Connect software from our downloads page linked below.

Synergist Connect Download

Step 2 :  Install Synergist Connect

Click Next->

Leave the install folder in the default location ->Next

You are installing to the C:\ so will need UAC access ->Click Install->Click "Yes" when prompted with the UAC message

  Step 3 :  Open Synergist Connect


Populate the settings to connect the Synergist Connect software to the Synergist server, which will then allow Synergist Connect to interface with the Accounts System.



  • Server Address: Enter the IP address or DNS entry of the Synergist server (if you do not know this please contact the Synergist help desk)
  • Username and Password:  The users Synergist Username and password
  • Use SSL - This should be on by default and port number is typically set to 443

Step 4 :  Connect to the Server and after a Synchronisation you should be able to access the Export to accounts options.

Note that there is no batch creation in Synergist Connect as this is all done in via the Synergist web portal. From within Connect you are able to post any available batches.



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