Synergist client / account code doesn’t match the Sage client code

Dave Harvey -


Your client codes in Synergist do not match the codes set up in other systems


When linking into other systems (eg exporting accounts to Sage) you are asked if you would like to set up new clients for these codes


The wrong code was entered into the client record on setup


You can edit the client record so that transactions are posted/exported with a different code. Go to the following area:

  • Clients
  • Click on the appropriate client
  • Financial tab
  • Posting account. Enter your code in that box.


Other notes:

Also, a by-product of this feature is that you can have more than one Synergist record for a client (eg: to deal with different offices), but have all the postings go to a single account in your accounting system. 
To do this, simply enter the same code against each Synergist client record in the Posting account box.

The same facility is also available for supplier records.

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