Cost and charge rate hierarchy

Dave Harvey -


Understanding the hierarchy structure of cost and charge rates.


When an estimate line is created or a timesheet is submitted the cost/charge rate is determined as follows, with the value taken from the top of the list, unless the subsequent field(s) has been input to override this.
All these tables can be found in the file maintenance area, within tools and settings, with the exception of those marked:


  • Department
  • Charge code
  • Team
  • Team Skill
  • Staff
  • Staff Skill
  • Client price*


  • Charge code
  • Staff
  • Staff Skill
  • Client price*
  • Estimate* *

*Client prices can be added in the following area :

  • Clients & jobs
  • Clients
  • Click on client
  • Click on Add labour special price

**A company setting determines whether this job specific estimated charge rate is used for timesheets or not, the following boxed needs to be ticked for this to apply:

  • Click on the cog icon at the top right
  • Click Companies
  • Click on the relevant company
  • Timesheets tab
  • Third tick box at the top left 'Timesheets use job estimated charge rates'
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