How to process a supplier credit

Dave Harvey -


A supplier has sent in a credit note to correct an invoice that was sent in with the wrong amount


Credit notes should always be added first, this adjusts the amount available on the PO which will allow the invoice to match. Go to the following area:

  • Suppliers & Purchase
  • Purchase Invoice
  • New, new purchase invoice
  • Select supplier
  • Adjust the radio button from invoice to credit
  • Enter all details as usual (ie dates, references, gross, VAT etc.)
  • Select the PO to allocate from the bottom pane that shows the available purchase orders
  • Click the "Allocate" button
  • Select final credit if it is for the whole PO
  • The value of the credit is automatically entered but if this is a part credit you can enter the negative value manually.
  • Click OK
  • You will now see that the remaining figure has been adjusted accordingly
  • You can now complete the analysis and post as usual
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