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Users would like to mark certain bookings with specific colours to make visual separations with the calendar.


Synergist allows you to set certain colours for use within the diary bookings system; This could either be a manually selected colour from within the diary itself, a colour that is related to a Job or phase current stage, a colour related to a particular phase handler or a colour that is assigned to a particular staff resource. 

The list below shows the order of precedence or logic the calendar will follow when colours in any of these are set:

  • Calendar booking manually set colour
  •  Campaign
  • Project
  • Client
  • Job or phase current stage
  • Phase handler colour (or Job handler if phase doesn’t have a handler allocated to it)
  • Staff resource

Calendar booking: Manually set colour

This allows you to set a colour manually on a booking.

Calendar Bookings->Right click the entry->Edit

Colour Palete->Select desired colour

Calendar booking:
Job or Phase current stage

This allows you to set a colour relevant to a stage.  Should this stage be in play on the job or phase at the time it is booked into the calendar, the colour assigned to it will be the one used on the booking.

To assign colours to stages you will need to goto....

Tools & Settings->File Maintenance->Stages->Colour->Pick a colour from the pallet

This example is showing a job phase using the above stage, so once it is booked into the Calendar the colour set is used (see example below).

Calendar booking:
Phase handler (or Job handler if phase doesn’t have a handler allocated to it)

To assign colours to handlers in affect you will need to edit the User Record.

Tools & Settings->File Maintenance->Users->Double Click User Record->Details Tab-> Colour Pallete

When the booking is made within the calendar for a job where a handler is set at either Job or Phase level, the handlers colour will be used on the booking.



Calendar booking:
Staff resource of calendar booking

To assign colours to Staff you will need to edit the Staff resource record.

Tools & Settings->File Maintenance->Staff->Double Click Staff Record->Details Tab-> Colour Pallete

This example Job has no colour presedences set else where so the calandar should only show a colour relating to a staff resouce.


This item has been booked into the calendar to the resource Joe Bloggs, taking on the colour set in the staff resource.


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