Periods tab, Company settings

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Updated for Synergist 12.5

If you have periods set up in File Maintenance you can apply them here to keep a tight control on your financial reporting to stop costs being posted after a period has passed.  To set your current period either enter the month end date of the month, or select it from the drop-down of periods (doing so will set the accounts period date to the end date of the selected period).  The latter option requires periods to have been set up in file maintenance.

You can specify separate periods for sales / purchases / time & materials / revenue.  To do so untick the option to use the same period for all transactions.  You will see options for Sales, Purchases, Time & Materials and RR/Write offs as separate dates / drop-downs.

A warning will be displayed if there are pending timesheets in your company dated prior to the start of the new current period:


Financial year start can be entered here - it is only used in the automatic creation of period for a whole financial year.

Client credit status control
It is possible to set client to a 'hold' status on the client record. This can then affect two actions: creation of new jobs and / or activities; changing the status of a job to 'live'. You can choose to either warn the user (as a reminder that the client is on hold) or stop the action altogether. 

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