Draft calendar bookings

Jo Grant -

Users can be given limited calendar permissions that allow them to make new, move or amend draft bookings only. This can be given on two levels: Either only bookings that you have generated or all bookings made.

The main full calendar screen shows a message indicating what permissions you have.

The purpose of this is to allow certain users to put their job resourcing requirements into the Synergist calendar, in some cases potentially “double-booking” a resource. The calendar administrator(s) can then “level” the resource requirements out as required.

Users with full control can confirm individual draft bookings, edit or delete them. Full users can also revert confirmed bookings to draft. Once a booking is confirmed, lower level users are no longer allowed to move or amend it.

Draft bookings are indicated clearly in the main full calendar with shaded diagonal lines across the booking. See screenshot below.

You can choose to show/hide either draft or confirmed bookings in the main full calendar, regardless of user level setting.

The lower part of the calendar bookings screen includes a column to show the draft booked hours. This is informational only and the “booked” column already includes both draft and confirmed bookings.

Draft bookings intentionally do not show in the user web calendars, nor in any iCal/Outlook feeds.  The absence of the draft bookings is desirable as they are subject to confirmation.


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