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David Stevenson -

This report is a list of all the allocations made between purchase orders and purchase invoices on purchase invoices posted in the period specified.  Whenever a purchase order is matched against a purchase invoice, in full or in part, an allocation is created.  That is what this report lists.  It is useful in understanding gross profit reconciliation discrepancies as it is these allocation values that carry the purchase nominal coding to your accounts package.  Very often these analysis codes are set on your supply types, running this report sorted by supply type can help identify, for example, overhead coding of purchases that should have been coded to cost of sales, or vice versa.

The report has columns identifying the job / phase the purchase order was raised against, the purchase invoice the order has been allocated against, and the value of that allocation.  The export version includes some additional columns of information - whether or not the purchase order is ticked off, and the date of the sales invoice, and more purchase invoice date information.

Report specific options:

This report has no specific options.

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