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As the name suggests, this report is a list of purchase orders that have not been matched against a supplier invoice (purchase invoice) as at the cut off date of the report.  The default selection options for this report includes all purchase orders on open jobs that have not yet been marked as final supplier invoiced.  This includes purchase orders that have no matching purchase invoices, and those which have an allocation to one or more purchase invoices, but which still have an uninvoiced balance.  You can optionally include all open orders, including those with a zero balance via the report specific options for this report.

This report is considered one of the key financial reports in Synergist and is used as the basis for an accrual journal for entry into your accounts package.  Changing the job phase selection control from the default setting of "Phases not final invoiced up to cut off" to "Any ticked cost up to cut off" changes this report into an accrual report.  The orders listed in this way are those which have been billed to your clients, but which you have not yet received the full cost in the form of purchase invoices from your supplier.

This report uses a cut off date.  You do not specify a period with from and to dates, all you supply is a single date (the to date), the from date remains blank.  This allows retrospective running of the report - you can establish what the value of purchase invoices awaited was at a time in the past.

This report relies fundamentally on cost tick off in order to generate an accruals report.  Until a purchase order is ticked off against a sales invoice it is not considered billed to your client.  The date at which a cost is counted as an accrual is the date of the sales invoice the order is ticked off against.  In order to be counted as an accrual a purchase order must be ticked off against a sales invoice dated prior to the cut off date and not be final supplier invoiced as at the cut off date.

The report includes columns of information about the purchase order and the supplier.  Actual cost / charge out are shown along with the uninvoiced balance on each purchase order in the selection.  The export version includes many more columns of information about the job and phase the purchase order has been raised against, along with purchase order approval information (if appropriate) and sales invoice number / date.

Report specific options:

As mentioned above this report can be used to generate your purchase accrual by changing the job phase selection to "Any ticked cost up to cut off".  There is also an option to include purchase orders with a zero balance.  This can be useful for housekeeping allowing you to identify purchase orders which need to be closed with a supplier write off.

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