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David Stevenson -

This report has two different modes, the default lists staff resources and summarises timesheets posted by these resources in the date period specified.  All active staff marked as "timesheet required" in file maintenance are included regardless of their being any timesheets for them in the period specified.

Total hours are broken out into normal and overtime, and also into chargeable and non chargeable hours.  The breakdown between normal and overtime is self-explanatory, but the difference between a chargeable hour and a non chargeable hour is less obvious.  All timesheets are considered to be chargeable unless they meet any of the following conditions:

They are posted to a job for an internal client

They are posted to a phase set to in house status

They are marked as investment

They have a charge rate of zero - this last condition only applies if the company settings "time charge rate of zero is non chargeable" is set (switches tab of company settings).

The cost column shows the total cost of all timesheets.  The % charge column is the number of chargeable hours as a percentage of total hours,  The amount charged column is the recommended charge total of all chargeable hours.


The alternative method of operation for this report changes the level of detail from one row per staff resource to one row per staff resource and job / phase

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