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Unlike all the other reports in the Purchasing & expenses category, this report is not a list of orders, it is a list of purchase invoices.  Its main use is to reconcile cost of sales with an accounts system and allows selection of invoices in a period based on the posting date or the document date.  Note that posting date is not the date the post button is pressed, neither is it the date the invoice is sent to your accounts package.  Posting date in Synergist financial reporting only ever refers to the posting date field on a purchase invoice.  In accounts systems that do not operate periods which are not simply date based, the posting date and document date of a purchase invoice in Synergist should never be different.

The report lists purchase invoices showing the total net, VAT and gross amounts, and any unallocated balance on the invoice - as above, just because a purchase invoice in Synergist has a posting date does not mean it has been posted to your accounts package.  The posting date in Synergist is used in other financial reports in Synergist to establish the "true" cost of an item, and these reports do not rely on the purchase invoice being transferred across to your accounts package.

The export version includes currency information including exchange rate, and also optional information about who has authorised the purchase invoice.

Report specific options:

This report no no special options.

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