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David Stevenson -

This simple report can be very useful if information from individual timesheets is required.  Most time reports in Synergist are summaries of timesheet data, but the timesheet list is just that - a list of individual timesheets dated in the specified period.  This is the only report in Synergist that will show timesheet date and work done narrative entered on individual timesheets.  The columns of data include the hours on the timesheet, split out into normal and overtime, the charge rate on the timesheet, and total values for cost and recommended charge.

The data can be sorted and sub-totalled by various attributes.

The export version adds several columns of data associated with the job/phase the timesheet is posted to, the charge code used for the timesheet and the staff resource which posted the timesheet.  Other useful columns in the export are the sales invoice number/date columns.  These show details from the sales invoice a timesheet is ticked off against, and will be blank for timesheets not yet ticked off.

Report specific options:

The report has two versions, one for real timesheets and one for pending timesheets.  You cannot include both on the same report.  The total cost column can be hidden, and the charge rate column can be swapped for the charge code.

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