Quoting & estimating - Estimate vs actual

David Stevenson -

This report looks at estimated and actual time.  The data selection is based on jobs/phases, so if a job is included the entire estimated/actual values are included (but see the over-budget report-specific option below) - the date range specified does not affect the values reported for a job/phase.  The output contains descriptive columns appropriate to the roll-up selected in report-specific options, and includes columns for estimated/actual units, cost and recommended charge.

Report specific options:

This report allows a lot of different roll up options which change the level of detail included.  The main levels of detail are by client, by job, by phase and by stage.  If the show breakdown option is selected you can expand the level of detail to show summaries by staff resource, charge code, staff team, or package.

If you wish to suppress the cost information and just leave recommended charge the hide costs option will do that.

You can restrict the items which are included in the job/phase total to those which are over budget by a certain amount.  This will mean that whole job/phase values are not included, those time elements which are not over budget by the specified amount will be excluded entirely.

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