Quoting & estimating - Costs & quotes

David Stevenson -

The Costs & quotes report shows whole job/phase values.  Jobs/phases are included on the report based on the selected date and date range.  Estimated and actual costs are shown, with the difference between them expressed as a value and a percentage.  Similarly quoted price and actual recommended charge are compared, with the variances shown in the same way.

The export version expands the number of columns significantly, adding several columns for descriptive attributes such as job/phase type, status, contact name, start/due dates etc.  In addition actual and estimated costs/recommended charge are broken out into time, material and purchase columns, and a column is added for total invoiced.  All these values are for the whole job and are not limited by the date range set - if a job/phase is included on the report the total values from it are displayed.

This report has no special options.

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