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The expenses report lists orders raised on expense suppliers dated in the period specified.  Most expenses are entered into Synergist via expense sheets and lines.  Expenses of this nature will not appear on this report until they have been approved and posted.  Other expenses raised against generic expense suppliers like postage, or petty cash, do not go through expense approval and will normally appear on this report immediately.  In either case the expense date is used in order to establish whch expenses to include on the report.  In addition to showing the expense supplier and type, the job phase the expense was posted to is shown, and the client.  Actual cost / charge / profit are shown.

The export version includes several additional columns, including information about the expense sheet number the expense was originally submitted on, information about the purchase invoice the expense is linked to and also any sales invoice information.  Estimate cost/charge are also added as columns, though this will normally be zero on expenses submitted to the expense approval system.

Report specific options:

The printed report does not include subtotals by default, but can show subtotals for whatever the report is sorted by if the show subtotals option is ticked.


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