Invoicing & profitability - Client targets vs invoicing

David Stevenson -

This export-only report lists clients and shows monthly targets for turnover or gross profit.  The turnover report also shows monthly breakdowns of total invoiced by client, total of billing plans on live jobs (less any amounts already invoiced), and can optionally include total value of billing plans on opportunities as well, as a separate series of data.  The opportunity data series can be made to reflect the weighted value of the billing plans (live jobs always have a weighting of 100%).  The final series, variance, is the difference of the planned value and the sum of the other series' displayed.

The gross profit version of the report removes the option to include opportunities - it is based on real sales invoices and displays the client gross profit target against actual gross profit based on sales invoices less ticked off purchases.  Again the data is crosstabbed monthly and has total and year to date (based on the report run date) columns.

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