Invoicing & profitability - Job/Phase profitability

David Stevenson -

The Job/phase profitability report uses final invoices to calculate profit on whole jobs/phases.  Until such time as a job or phase is final invoiced it will not appear on this report.  As such the data selection based on dates is tied to final invoice date only and cannot be varied to include jobs based on, for example, start date or due date.  Once a job/phase is final invoiced it is stamped with that date, the whole job/phase values are then reported in the period that final invoice date falls in.  The total of all costs on the job/phase are then used with the total of all invoices evaluate the total profit for the job/phase, which is the summarised as required by client, by handler, by job/phase type or by team.  Other columns displayed are markup % and margin % (profit as a % of total cost and profit as a % of total invoiced respectively), total recommended charge and total investment.

The export version extends the number of columns to include other attributes of the jobs / phases listed, and also to separate the ticked off costs into time, materials and purchases.

Report specific option:

This report allows an optional additional subtotal to be displayed by team or project.

Only show purchase values.  This option excludes time and material costs from the profit calculation - the report becomes a gross profit report rather than a net profit report.

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