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Choosing the personal dashboard displays four panels of data - At a glance, Timesheet summary, Calendar summary, Expenses summary.  As the name implies, only data associated with your user account can be displayed in these dashboards.

At a glance

This panel displays links to views that have been saved in the various list screens in Synergist - jobs, phases, acivities, invoices etc.  Any view that you can use in those list screens can be added to your at a glance dashboard through the same interface you use to save and name the view:


Clicking a view saved to the at a glance dashboard opens that view in a new tab.  Lists opened in this way do not allow changes to be made to the filter settings in the view used.  This is indicated by the dashboard icon displayed at the top of the list:


Timesheet summary.

This dashboard shows 4 week's timesheet entries broken into chargeable and non-chargeable hours.  A non-chargeable timesheet is one that is on an internal job, or a phase at in-house status, or which has been flagged as investment.  All other timesheets are considered chargeable.  This is not an indication of any actual billing to clients having been done, it is simply an indication of whether or not the time has been posted to a client job / phase, or an internal or other wise non-billable job phase (or the individual timesheet itself has been marked as non-billable via the investment flag).  Also displayed are two target lines for total required hours and a target for chargeable hours.

Calendar summary.

This dashboard gives a list view of all work allocated to you via the scheduling tool.  You can choose between this week and today.  Each entry can be clicked into to display the job phase the booking relates to in a new tab.

Expenses summary.

This dashboard summarises expense sheets linked to your expense account(s) in the period specified in this dashboard by sheet status.  A summary for each sheet status shows the total value of associated lines, along with a summary of rejected and queried lines.  Sheets which have been processed and posted appear as reimbursed.  There is a button to take you directly into the expense entry interface in this dashboard.

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