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Choosing the management dashboard displays four panels of data - Financial summary, Billings forecast, Staff utilization, Top clients.  All four management dashboards can be set to show data from jobs where you are the account handler, or for all account handlers.

Financial summary.

This dashboard shows several series of data for the past quarter (based on the current date).  There are two views available for this dashboard, Standard and Cumulative.  The Turnover data series is the total billed amount in each month displayed.  Gross profit uses tickoff to calculate a profit figure taking only purchase costs into account.  Aged WIP is the work in progress figure based on current data, but each WIP transaction included is aged according to its date - this cannot be reliably reconciled to the Aged WIP report as that uses a fixed number of days rather than calendar months for aging.  This figure only includes purchase invoices - time / material WIP is excluded from the values.  The cumulative view of Aged WIP shows total WIP as at the end of each month displayed, again based on current data - so is effectively WIP Retro as at the end of each month.

Billings forecast.

This dashboard has two views which switch between showing Planned vs Invoiced and Planned GP vs Actual GP.  The data series are shown per month, you can set the number of months and start month from the controls at the top of this dashboard.  Planned values come from your billing plan data, invoiced / actual gp uses the same data as the financial summary dashboard.  Ticking the box to include targets adds a third data series for target turnover or target gp.  These targets are set up for each client, per month or per year (spread evenly). For systems that use revenue recognition, if the 'Recognise value' box is ticked on the billing plan, this value is used for the planned values.

Top clients.

Shows the split by client for amounts billed in the specified period.  Choose between top5 or top 10 clients by value (gross profit).  A bar / slice for "all others" will be included in addition to the  top 5 or 10.

Top clients.

This dashboard has two views which switch between turnover and gross profit.  The period used to calculate these values is set using the controls in this dashboard, and the number of clients which can be reported on individually can be toggled between 5 / 10.  In addition this dashboard can be set to display a pie chart or a bar chart.

Earnings per head.

Headcount is the number of employees in your organisation and is set up against financial periods in file maintenance.  This dashboard calculates an earning figure per head based on this and financial values for the period, split by month.  This dashboard does not use the team filter, it always shows values based on the whole of your organisation.

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