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Suppliers can be set up and managed via the left hand navigation panel. The default list shows all active suppliers, including expense records for users.


The list uses many controls common to lists in Synergist, read more about common user interface controls in this article.

A supplier in Synergist can be designated as an expense, supplier, supplier prospect or generic.

Expense suppliers are used for you users to enter their own expenses under. They are created from within the users setup and are linked to the user.

Suppliers are any 3rd party that you are actively using or who you have used in the past.

Prospects are suppliers that you are in the process of tending to.  At the point at which an estimate is going to be made real the prospect must be promoted to a full supplier.

Generic suppliers are used where you are not yet sure which supplier to order from. You may have a generic supplier for 'print' which you can create a purchase estimate for. At the point of making this real you must amend the generic supplier to a full supplier.


The list of suppliers displays basic information about each one, clicking on an item in the list opens the detail input form for that supplier in a new tab in the main interface.  The detail input form is made up of several pages of information:


Details. Supplier name, code and postal address etc can be set on this page. Supplier type will be used for filtering and reporting purposes and will set the default on all POs but can be amended unless restrictions are put in place.

Supply types. It is possible to restrict supplier types. This is handy if you have many and rely on these for reporting.

Contacts. A list of individual contacts connected to this supplier. Basic details are displayed in the list, clicking on an item in the list opens the detail input form for the contact in a new tab in the main interface. New contacts for this supplier can be created here.

Financial/Notes. Financial data relevant to this supplier. Turnover is the total value of purchases raised against this supplier. This value can be reset periodically via utilities, to give a year to date figure, for example. Posting account can be input here (to over ride the supplier code) as can default nominals.

Payment terms set up in file maintenance can be assigned to suppliers to calculate a payment due date.  Some links to accounts systems can send this due date as opposed to allowing the accounts software to calculate the payment due date.

Purchase invoices. This is a simply view of purchase invoices related to this supplier. They can be clicked on to open in a new tab.

Prices. It is possible to add and maintain a list of standard item prices from your supplier here. These can then be picked to be used within a PO for ease.


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