Loading view in Calendar bookings

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The Loading view can be selected to look at availability and capacity by switching from the standard booking view:

This displays a simplistic rolled up colour coded view that indicates that highlights where a resource is overbooked, fully booked or has spare capacity. The traffic light system is standard and follows an easy to use key of:

  • Red: Overbooked
  • Amber: All available time booked
  • Green: Spare capacity available

As in all calendar areas this can be displayed in single day, daily or weekly views. For single day view it is possible to view the blocks singularly or in different slots - for example 2 hour slots. This is a user preference and can be set within each user's calendar as desired.


Drilling down on a booking
You can see the elements that make up an overloaded block by single clicking on the cell:

From here hover over text will display information on the booking, including the duration.
It is possible to move the booking, if you wish, to spread out the bookings and reduce any overloading. This can be done by simply dragging and dropping:


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