Unable to turn on Diary Bookings – “Protect unallocated estimated units is off”

Dave Harvey -


When clicking on Diary Bookings get the following message: “Protect unallocated estimated units is off”


This switch can be turned on in the following are:

  • Tools & settings
  • Company settings
  • Click on relevant company
  • Go to swiches tab
  • Under estimating you will find the 'Protect unallocated estimated units' box
  • Tick this box
  • Check hours in a day, start and end of day (on the details tab)

Other notes:

This will slightly change how time is put against an estimate. Without diary bookings turned on, all estimated time is allocated to the first person who logs time to an estimate. With diary bookings turned on, each person just logs their own time and estimated time is unallocated.

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