Synergist diary integration with iCal and Outlook 2010 onwards

Dave Harvey -

*Currently iCal is not yet available in Outlook for Mac


Every user in Synergist has a URL to allow diary bookings made in Synergist to be displayed in a calendar application such as iCal or Outlook.  The iCal protocol allows for READ ONLY access to subscribed calendars – no changes to Synergist data can be made via iCal or Outlook.


First obtain your own iCal URL from My calendar and click on the .ics icon:-



After clicking on the .ics icon you will be presented with a screen showing your unique URL:


Copy the entire URL.


Outlook 2010

To view your diary bookings as a calendar in Outlook you will need to go to File>Info>Account settings>Account settings


Select Internet Calendars and then click new and paste in the URL from your clipboard then click add:-

Give the calendar (folder) a name, check the box labelled “Update Limit” and click OK.  The new calendar will appear under “other calendars” in Outlook.


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